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Wirtz and Daughter’s Landscape Supply has been providing homeowners,  
landscape contractors and other professionals with quality materials and  
outstanding customer service for over 25 years. We are proud to be providing  
the highest quality natural mulch, dyed mulch, and top soil that are produced  
in the Baltimore area.  Wirtz and Daughters are a distributor of Techo-Bloc  
and EP Henry pavers and retaining wall materials. Natural Stone is available  
for steps, walls, and patios. We also carry bulk stone for gardens and  
driveways, available for pick up or delivery. We invite you to come to our  
location and view our large outdoor displays (including a variety of fire pit  
options) so you can envision and create your perfect outdoor living area.
Organic Worm Castings

OrganoRich Earthworm Castings

WD Organics produces OrganoRich Earthworm Castings Natural Organic Fertilizer at a
local farm in Baltimore, MD (not too far from Washington DC).  This fertilizer is
composed of 99.9% earthworm castings and is OMRI listed.  This natural fertilizer can
be immediately absorbed by plant and lawns. Earth worm castings provide nutrition
which slowly feeds the plant for long periods of time. OrganoRich is an extremely
effective fertilizer. A little will go a long way. Contact us today for a free sample.

Rubber Mulch

Wirtz and Daughters is a proud distributor of Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch. Playsafer™
Rubber Mulch is an exceptional playground surface, as it provides unmatched shock
absorbency, and greatly reduces the incidence of playground injuries. Playsafer™
Rubber Mulch is available in an assortment of lively colors to perfectly accent the
surrounding décor of any playground.
Wirtz and Daughters is stocking several colors, in 1 ton and 1/2 ton bags. 1 ton
equals 2.65 cubic yards  1/2 ton equals 1.33 cubic yards

Available for delivery or pick up.


Wirtz and Daughters is supplying DuraBlend® Tall Fescue Sod.  The most popular
sod in Maryland.  It offers great color, texture, shade tolerance, and drought
resistance.  Sod should be ordered during the growing season.  Pre-order by
Wednesday for pick-up or delivery on Friday.  A $15.00 pallet deposit (refundable). 
Orders of 4 or more pallets can be made anytime during week with adequate

SiltSoxx by Filtrexx

Wirtz and Daughters are a manufacturers of Filtrexx  
SiltSoxx filter log and their extensive line of products.

SiltSoxx are a revolutionary erosion control product.  
Offering high performance, minimal maintenance, and low  
cost, it provides an outstanding alternative to silt fence in  
erosion control applications. Each SOXX product is filled  
with a double-ground, screened, recycled wood fiber  
material, and is reusable or biodegradable. Designed for  
easy installation and removal. Please contact us for  
distributors in your area.
Clean & Seal Pavers
We are carrying SRW Products, a great line of paving
cleaners and sealers. From Moss and Mildew Cleaner
to to a Paver Wash, we have it! Stop by today and get
more information on how to clean and seal your

Need a licensed contractor to clean your patio for
you? We know some great companies in the area and
are happy to recommend. Call Wirtz and Daughters
for more information.


We strive to provide good mixed hardwood (no poplar or gum). The wood is
processed to an approximate average size of 18” long (not guaranteed). Seasoned
firewood will be available based on supply and demand. There is a minimum of 1
cord for firewood delivery in select areas of Harford and Baltimore Counties.

$240.00 per cord + Delivery Charge
Multiple cord orders $235 each
Bulk Materials
From dyed mulch to natural
mulch, sand to gravel, or
compost to top soil.  Learn
more on our landscape
We have the area's largest
outdoor EP Henry and Techo-
Bloc displays here at Wirtz and
Daughters.  Learn More about
our products.
Natural Stone
A wide selection of the area's
best natural stones are available
for you to personally select for
delivery or pick-up.  Learn more
about our products.
Carrying the full line of CAST
Lighting & Integral Landscape
Lighting in both halogen and
LED fixtures.  Learn more
about our products.

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